Recreate Coaching - Guy Ratcliffe

Monday, September 28, 2020 11:00 - 11:45

As business leaders and experts in our field we all have the experience and knowledge to provide the shareholders with what is expected.  By providing our people with the most natural of experiences of being listened too, with permission to express themselves genuinely with no fear of repercussion’s or consequence’s, we provide a catalyst that unravels an infinite world of greater understanding and connection.  As leaders we need to understand and give ourselves the permission to take the necessary and often brave steps to promote natural human behaviour.

During this session delegates will learn:

1. Understand your own needs and what satisfies you - The first realisation that leaders must have is that our leadership style derives from our own life story and they must work towards understanding and developing themselves.

2. Be genuine - To be a truly authentic human we must treat others as humans. Being authentic in our approach to leadership will help support the alignment of goals.

3. Allow creativity - Promote creativity by not being specific about how a report should look or how a plan should be laid out; sometimes a quick doodle on a white board is ok, if you allow it to be.

4. Be visible - Openly display acts of kindness by helping someone with a task and encourage others to do the same; when people realise its ok to stop their own task to help a fellow human being it will become infectious with a ripple of togetherness through the organisation.

5. Don’t talk about work – Not indefinitely! Talk to your teams without mentioning anything to do with the product that you make or the latest business issue – I challenge you do try this for 30 minutes every day, I can admit it is not easy.

Guy Ratcliffe, Managing Director & Executive Coach, Re-create Coaching & Mentoring